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Re: Is running dpkg-buildpackage manually from the command line forbidden?

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Schepler <dschepler@gmail.com> writes:

    Daniel> However, I've been getting push back on some of these, with
    Daniel> maintainers of the opinion that it isn't actually a bug.  So, I
    Daniel> thought I'd consult here to get more opinions on whether these are
    Daniel> true bugs, or whether I'm at fault for trying to run dpkg-buildpackage
    Daniel> manually instead of using it through pbuilder or sbuild.

I think it is often a bug, but rarely if ever a serious bug.

I'd say that a good test is whether you can produce a clean, simple
(adding build-conflicts seems like a fine answer in a lot of places).
If something like build-conflicts is sufficient, then sure, file the bug
with a patch if it  actually annoys you.

If the patch is going to be ugly, then perhaps it's not worth it.

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