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Re: Upcoming Qt switch to OpenGL ES on arm64

On 24.11.18 11:26, Andy Simpkins wrote:
>> So, again: which of the two flavors is the one that benefits more of our user
>> base?
> BOTH are possible so why dictate only one?
> I would like to see OpenGLES available on all architectures
> I would like to see OpenGL available on all architectures
> I think that there is a relatively painless method to achieve this
> I believe this would also meet your needs

so why not keep GL as it is now, and build the GLES packages from a single
source tarball?  This way you minimize your uploads while having both
implementations in the archive?  Maybe later on, you could even do the same for
the 32bit ARM architectures if these are still release architectures by that time.


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