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Re: I resigned in 2004

On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 03:49:32PM +0100, Dominik George wrote:
> I am thus very happy that this DD is leaving immediately - whether you see
> this as bureaucracy or not, he agreed with rules and processes when he
> joined,

There were *far* fewer of them when he did. In 2000, you didn't need an
advocate, and the NM process was very new, and very much ad hoc still.

> he agreed with the CoC,

He did not, the CoC didn't exist yet 14 years ago.

> and he deliberately chose to break quite a number of them.

Given the context that he described -- the so-called "editorial changes"
GR, I can quite understand that. That GR was quite upsetting to a large
number of people -- myself included -- and plenty of people chose to
quit the project rather than be a part of a project that allows people
to be deceived in this manner. That was a breach of trust for some
people, and given that, why would you want to care about any of the
procedures anymore?

If you weren't around at the time, I strongly suggest you research that
a bit.

Even so, I do agree with the claim that his mail was overly aggressive,
and that that wasn't really necessary.

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