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Re: I resigned in 2004

>But at the same time, I consider mine a very polite answer, without any
>particularly accusatory wording or anything like that, nor I consider
>any of what I wrote worthy of being replied with:
>    Fuck you.  Do not contact me again.  I shall consider
>any further contact (from you or anyone else in regards to this matter)
>    as harassment, and I shall seek legal counsel.

Exactly what I thought. If you come up with such directly insulting words, you probably are in no position to judge others. This reaction, to some extent, suggests that the person does not understand any other tone than what Mattia used.

I am thus very happy that this DD is leaving immediately - whether you see this as bureaucracy or not, he agreed with rules and processes when he joined, he agreed with the CoC, and he deliberately chose to break quite a number of them.


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