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Re: Notification of merge requests on Salsa

On Thu, 16 Aug 2018, Jacob Adams wrote:


> I've just discovered that by default, salsa.d.o does not inform project
> owners of merge requests opened against their projects. This seems like
> a poorly chosen default, as it is quite easy to completely miss when a
> user opens a merge request, unless one checks salsa regularly.
> Should we try to change this default?
> I would imagine that most of us do debian work primarily via email so
> having salsa support that workflow by default would be much appreciated.
> I suppose the next step is to open an issue against salsa support but I
> wanted to see if there was consensus that this would be a welcome change
> first.
Of course they do, if you configure notifications properly. Thats a user setting, we
can't provide a default as admins. And I am of sure you don't want to get
informed about every pull request on every project in the debian/ namespace. 


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