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Re: Should the weboob package stay in Debian?

On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 10:03:53PM +0900, Marc Dequènes (duck) wrote:
> (This is a followup of the thread started on debian-private. This is not a
> private matter at all, and we should have discussed this openly from the
> start.)

Nooooo!  It's bad enough that this kind of massive flamewar is going on,
please do not spill it into other lists.  While it generated a few hundred
posts so far, it at least was sort of contained.

> May I dare to hope we would discuss this is a civilized manner?

Considering the response you already got, preaching a certain new
religion-that-doesn't-identify-as-religion, very obviously not.

The package has puerile jokes, but really tame compared to other stuff we
ship in the archive.  Thus, let's not censor things no matter if they're
politically left-, right-, up- or down- aligned.  And hide that thread where
it doesn't draw attention from outside trolls.

It's bad enough with DDs only.

// If you believe in so-called "intellectual property", please immediately
// cease using counterfeit alphabets.  Instead, contact the nearest temple
// of Amon, whose priests will provide you with scribal services for all
// your writing needs, for Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory prices.

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