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Should the weboob package stay in Debian?


(This is a followup of the thread started on debian-private. This is not a private matter at all, and we should have discussed this openly from the start.)

It has been brought to my attention that this package, its name and the name of the binaries and further content was deemed offensive. This was already raised in the past (~2012 IIRC) but the package was reintroduced and has been in the archive since then.

Since this is a childish naming which was not intended at being insulting, I gave a hand to package this useful tool. I would have preferred it renamed though.

This thread is about giving your opinion and discussing with upstream about it, and us DD to decide the fate of this package. I hope this would help draft proper policy criteria about what we consider not acceptable.

May I dare to hope we would discuss this is a civilized manner?

Marc Dequènes

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