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Re: Should the weboob package stay in Debian?

Matthew Vernon wrote:
>Part of the problem, I think, is that there are just so many of these
>"little things", and that together they make up an environment that is
>hostile to folk who aren't male (and, often, white and heterosexual). If
>it was just one "little thing" then perhaps it wouldn't be so bad, but
>it's not, it's hundreds of "little things", and getting any one of them
>improved can involve a vast argument about how this "little thing" isn't
>worth getting worked up about (et seq, et seq).

Exactly this. We can improve the whole with each little thing that we
improve. The fact that a task is large, with many parts to it,
shouldn't put us off from starting it anyway. Hell, who'd have thought
a collection of volunteers could develop and maintain a complete
operating system...?

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