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Re: Should the weboob package stay in Debian?

On 15102 March 1977, Marc Dequènes (duck) wrote:

> It has been brought to my attention that this package, its name and
> the name of the binaries and further content was deemed offensive.
> This was already raised in the past (~2012 IIRC) but the package was
> reintroduced and has been in the archive since then.

Back then it was one tool of many in this, mainly, that was drawing bad

> This thread is about giving your opinion and discussing with upstream
> about it, and us DD to decide the fate of this package. I hope this
> would help draft proper policy criteria about what we consider not
> acceptable.
> May I dare to hope we would discuss this is a civilized manner?

It won't work. Also, this being my only mail in this thread (and none
ever in the other).

This will draw attention, and unfortunately it most likely will draw
attention of the wrong type of people.

I'm sure there is stuff in this package is offending to some. In names
of binaries and possibly in comments of code. I'm sure it is completly
pointless to have that stuff in, and that it would still be great tools
without those childish things.

Now, if upstream would think so too, it wouldn't be there. I highly
doubt it will all be cleaned up, no matter how long this thread.

Remove it then? One possibility. But then, where do we stop? This weboob
thingie is actually a tiny little "wannabe-bad" package only. The
archive has far worse contents. Do we remove them all to get to a nice
clean safe-for(whats the goal? Kids? Sensitive person of [fill in
something]?) archive? Which standard do we apply? Ultra-left? Right?
Conservative Christian? Islamic? Orthodox? Jewish? Gay? Homophobic? One
of those many that I missed? All of them together, because our community
possibly contains members of most, if not all of those, so lets keep
only what all can agree on? Thats a tiny subset.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we can never remove things. And that
we have to accept everything. But we are so big a community, being
offending to a part of us - is a property a lot of packages will have.
:/ Whats the right criteria to apply - independent of this one package

bye, Joerg

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