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Re: Removing Qt4 in Buster

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 03:40:25PM +0100, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> The rationale for keeping qt4 in the archive for me (same for gtk1,
> gtk2, etc.) is so that people could continue to build or run
> out-of-distro legacy software far into the future. It saddens me that I
> could very likely run an arbitrary decade-old win32 program on a modern
> Windows machine (although not win16 anymore!) but the rapid churn in
> Linux land means we have no such similar story.
Just bundle the libs, as you would do on Windows, and you'll be fine (wrt
Qt, not wrt libc, but that's a separate problem). After all, running
software compiled on a different system was never fully supported even if
the dependencies were available.


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