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Re: Removing Qt4 in Buster

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 11:34:14AM -0300, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez
Meyer wrote:
No, we are actively working towards removing Qt4 from the archive
during the Buster cycle. In this case libressl might help giving it a
little bit longer life, but nothing more.

That's entirely up to you; but, that would not (and should not) prevent
anyone else interested in doing so from maintaining qt4 in Debian, if
they wished. That said, I in no uncertain terms and with great sadness
lack the time to commit to it myself (and many other things I care about
in Debian). So I fully expect it to be orphaned and removed.

If someone tries to become it's new maintainer in order to keep it in
the archive then [s]he must know that it will also become the de-facto
upstream for a more than two years dead-upstream code.

The rationale for keeping qt4 in the archive for me (same for gtk1,
gtk2, etc.) is so that people could continue to build or run
out-of-distro legacy software far into the future. It saddens me that I
could very likely run an arbitrary decade-old win32 program on a modern
Windows machine (although not win16 anymore!) but the rapid churn in
Linux land means we have no such similar story.

Case in point, nearly any of the old Loki software games/installers are
broken on modern systems without quite a bit of surgery (the bash 3->4
migration is the first major culprit, but there are others).

But as I said earlier I cannot contribute towards supporting this pipe
dream and what little time I have for Debian is better spent elsewhere.


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