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Re: source.changes has wrong hash sum (Was: ftp master uploads disappearing?)

On Sat, Oct 07, 2017 at 01:00:41AM +0100, James Clarke wrote:
> >
> > Doesn't happen here. The _source and _arch changes files only differ by
> > the generate binaries:
> I assume this is because in Andreas's case, debsign is automatically run
> on one of the .changes files after the build, which will also sign the
> .dsc (and thus change its contents since it now has an inline signature
> around it), but the hash in the other .changes file is for the original
> unsigned .dsc.

That's correct ... and as I see the usual behaviour of our tool chain (I
have not tweeked configuration to do this).

> Really, you should only be signing the .changes you want
> to upload, and *after* you've already checked it for errors :)

What errors should I expect inside the .changes file?

Kind regards



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