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Re: source.changes has wrong hash sum (Was: ftp master uploads disappearing?)

On 10/05/2017 06:53 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Bad checksums on loki_2.4.7.4-7_source.changes: Checksum mismatch for file loki_2.4.7.4-7.dsc: b4d2841416822842e6e6b85c44e3f4f3 != 7acc0c03ab3a269d117decd6dd692967
> What to try next?

following this conversation with interest, i also tried telling my gbp
builds to produce both source and binary packages.
i also get the "checksum mismatch" for the source.changes (not for the
my workaround for now is to just (re)run "debsign" on the source.changes.
maybe someone has a better alternative (though my workaround is good
enough to be able to test the binary packages and do a sources-only
upload with a single build).


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