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Re: Too many Recommends (in particular on mail-transport-agent)

On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 9:55 PM, Adam Borowski wrote:

> bash-completion: bash dput-ng licensecheck
> * DEBATABLE: I like the Tab key to do something reasonable,
>   "bash-completion" means you never know what you'll get.

I definitely would not want to run a Debian system that didn't have
bash-completion installed. Being able to tab complete command-line
arguments and apt package names are two examples of invaluable
features this package provides.

> fonts-cantarell: fontforge-common
> * BAD: FontForge works perfectly without it

Cantarell is the default font in the UI, changing it would mean Debian
FontForge would look very different to FontForge on other distros.


> freepats: libwildmidi-config timidity
> * BAD: freepats is too ugly to live: abysmal quality, lacks instruments for
>   pretty much any .mid file in the wild.  We do have a bunch of good
>   alternatives.  timgm6mb-soundfont for one is 5.6 times smaller yet is
>   complete.

We probably need a pair of virtual packages for this.



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