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Re: Re: Too many Recommends (in particular on mail-transport-agent)

Regarding "bloat"

> I think we should take a test case or two to the Technical Committee.

This one may be at the extreme, but it is one I personally encountered. I was installing nmap on a system (no gui) and was a bit shocked. The problem is well articulated by one post (an my thanks to him for the work around).


> From: BarthezZ <bart@barthezz.name>
> I ran into the same issue at a freshly installed Debian 7.0 machine,
> it seems the problem is caused by the dependency on liblinear1 which
> is a new dependency compared to the version in squeeze.
> So I looked around in the dependency tree a little, and the eventual
> cause is that liblinear1 recommends liblinear-tools, which in turn
> recommends libsvm-tools, which depends on gnuplot, which happily
> install an x11 version of itself, hence all the X libraries.
> Doing the installation with apt-get install nmap --no-install-recommends
> gives us back a "normal" set of dependencies.
> With kind regards,
> Bart de Heij

I leave the policy debate to the insiders, but I will second the opinion that creating a user habit of "ignoring" something is generally a bad idea.

-Terry McKenna

cheers to those that make debian happen.

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