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Re: Switch default installation image link?

I'll chime in to what others have said. I think DVD images should not
be the default/main download venue. Even though the careful package
ordering by (alleged?) popularity, I am sure a great deal of Debian
installs use under half of the packages provided by the first DVD (and
many that are not there, of course). A completely offline user will
have to juggle no matter if they got the DVD, and a connected user (no
matter their available bandwidth) will spend more time waiting for the
network if they choose to install from DVD.

Usually, when I hear about people downloading the DVD over a slow paid-per-bit connection, they do it so that they can burn multiple copies and share so that what people have to download is kept to a minimum.

I'm​ sure other reasons exist where the DVD is the sane option, but the netinst iso is the only thing I ever considered using.

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