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Re: /root directory

 ❦  6 juin 2017 13:10 +0800, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> :

>> I’m not an IT educated person, so I recognize that I may be suggesting a
>> nonsense. However, as a fairly recent user of a Debian based distro, I got
>> quite confused and somehow frustrated for not properly understanding what
>> the guidelines were telling me to do. Besides this “root” issue, there is
>> also the indiscriminate use of /home and home, as well as the use of /home
>> (ou just home) directory and /home partition. I’ve sorted it out now, but
>> it’s very confusing for someone who newly arrives to linux (Debian, in the
>> case).
> If we called / the base directory and /root the root user home
> directory, would that help? If you can find any Debian documentation
> where this is discussed then we can clarify it, but the page you
> linked to isn't maintained by Debian.

Most documentation won't talk about /root (except to present it as the
home of root). Calling "/" another name than the root directory would
just confuse users.
Parenthesise to avoid ambiguity.
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