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/root directory


In the Debian tutorials, somewhere in the Debian file system page it states: “When you refer to root directory it means you talk about the root of the file system: ‘/’. This is different from the home directory for the root user: ‘/root’.”

The use of the same term with different meanings (“root”, in the case) in general makes things getting confused for those non familiar with the matter.

Would it be feasible to change the name of the /root directory to sort out the confusion? It could be renamed as /adm, for instance.

I’m not an IT educated person, so I recognize that I may be suggesting a nonsense. However, as a fairly recent user of a Debian based distro, I got quite confused and somehow frustrated for not properly understanding what the guidelines were telling me to do. Besides this “root” issue, there is also the indiscriminate use of /home and home, as well as the use of /home (ou just home) directory and /home partition. I’ve sorted it out now, but it’s very confusing for someone who newly arrives to linux (Debian, in the case).

Should it be possible to rename the /root directory it’d be already a great improvement regarding the understanding of the system by a newcomer to linux.

José Vieira

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