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Re: /root directory

On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 11:08 PM,  José Vieira wrote:

> In the Debian tutorials, somewhere in the Debian file system[1] page it states:
> 1. https://www.debian-tutorials.com/debian-file-system

FYI, this page isn't maintained by Debian so we can't fix it. You
might want to leave a comment on the page.

> Would it be feasible to change the name of the /root directory to sort out
> the confusion? It could be renamed as /adm, for instance.

Anyone can do that on their own systems quite simply (manually update
/etc/passwd, rename the directory) but I expect that doing this by
default would break some folks automation and more folks expectations
about the default root user home directory.

> I’m not an IT educated person, so I recognize that I may be suggesting a
> nonsense. However, as a fairly recent user of a Debian based distro, I got
> quite confused and somehow frustrated for not properly understanding what
> the guidelines were telling me to do. Besides this “root” issue, there is
> also the indiscriminate use of /home and home, as well as the use of /home
> (ou just home) directory and /home partition. I’ve sorted it out now, but
> it’s very confusing for someone who newly arrives to linux (Debian, in the
> case).

If we called / the base directory and /root the root user home
directory, would that help? If you can find any Debian documentation
where this is discussed then we can clarify it, but the page you
linked to isn't maintained by Debian.



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