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Re: /root directory

jvieira33@sapo.pt wrote:
>In the Debian tutorials, somewhere in the Debian file system[1] page  
>it states: â??When you refer to root directory it means you talk about  
>the root of the file system: â??/â??. This is different from the home  
>directory for the root user: â??/rootâ??.â??
>The use of the same term with different meanings (â??rootâ??, in the case)  
>in general makes things getting confused for those non familiar with  
>the matter.
>Would it be feasible to change the name of the /root directory to sort  
>out the confusion? It could be renamed as /adm, for instance.

Feel free to do that on your systems - just change the location of the
home directory for root in /etc/passwd. The default on GNU/Linux
systems has been /root for many years, and I don't see it
changing. This is already different from some older Unix tradition -
some systems simply used / for the root user home directory too, but
thankfully that died a long time ago.

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