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Re: /root directory

* jvieira33@sapo.pt <jvieira33@sapo.pt> [170605 11:33]:
> Hi,
> In the Debian tutorials, somewhere in the Debian file system[1] page it
> states: “When you refer to root directory it means you talk about the root
> of the file system: ‘/’. This is different from the home directory for the
> root user: ‘/root’.”
> The use of the same term with different meanings (“root”, in the case) in
> general makes things getting confused for those non familiar with the
> matter.
> Would it be feasible to change the name of the /root directory to sort out
> the confusion? It could be renamed as /adm, for instance.
> I’m not an IT educated person, so I recognize that I may be suggesting a
> nonsense.

You are not suggesting nonsense.  However, both uses of the term root
have been around since the very beginning of Unix, about 1969 or 1970, I
think.  Both uses are so deeply entrenched in the *nix culture that
neither will ever be changed.  New users just have to learn to
disambiguate this term from context.  The explanation in the Debian file
system page is, I presume, an attempt to help educate newcomers about
this ambiguity.


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