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Re: Help requested: Packages which FTBFS randomly

Ben Hutchings wrote...

> > * when using eatmydata
> I can certainly think of a test case that would be broken by eatmydata
> and I would not want to rule out such test cases.  But still, I am
> suprised by this.

#667965 - don't know whether this still exists. I later decided to patch
dpkg so "unsafe-io" skips *all* calls to *sync. This also works better
in mixed-arch environments.

> > * on sbuild using overlayfs
> overlayfs is sadly quite a way from being a POSIX-compliant filesystem.
>  So it seems unreasonable to expect every package to be buildable in
> such a build environment.

Indeed. That's why I'm asking for such a hint file: It would allow me to
switch to a more expensive build mode, but a mode that makes the build

> > * using a qemu build chroot (Debian doesn't do this, other might)
> Is that because QEMU is slow, or some other reason?

AIUI qemu(-static) cannot handle threading very well. So if a build
process uses such applications, things turn bad. Typical observation was
msgmerge stuck in an endless loop at 100% CPU. Lesson learned: There is
a reason why Debian builds do not use emulation.


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