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Help requested: Packages which FTBFS randomly


The following packages FTBFS for me randomly. First column is the bug
number, second column is the estimated probability of failure in my
build environment, which is described here:


Before I ask the Release Managers that they make the bugs at the top
of this list serious again (using some kind of threshold, as discussed
in Bug #844264), I would appreciate if somebody else could double check
that those packages have indeed very flaky tests (or buggy Makefiles,
in some cases).

[ Please report any findings to the nnnnnn@bugs.debian.org address ].

While I agree that none of those individual bugs is more important
than a bug of "FTBFS-always" type, some packages have a failure ratio
so high that if we accepted that they "build from source" with such a
high failure rate, they would effectively honor policy if we had it
reversed, as in "packages must *not* build from source". I call this
"the FTBFS-randomly Schrödinger paradox".

This is, however, not an invitation for the Release Managers to set
50% of failure rate as the threshold, that would be probably the worst
possible interpretation of "Packages must build from source" (which is
already Release Policy).

The current list:

837067  1.000   libsecret
848063  0.990   ri-li
850282  0.820   influxdb (this one is already serious, thanks Adrian)
854686  0.556   fabric
854494  0.457   execnet
834686  0.440   ruby-httpclient
843038  0.400   elki
842244  0.390   congress
850506  0.327   acorn
850507  0.300   golang-github-tideland-golib
846771  0.292   python-traits
851722  0.288   django-pipeline
842836  0.250   golang-github-mxk-go-flowrate
854496  0.248   python-qtpy
844088  0.230   conversant-disruptor
848055  0.230   golang-github-go-chef-chef
834962  0.210   ruby-diaspora-vines
849217  0.185   jruby
839444  0.183   libgda5
850201  0.160   tendermint-go-flowrate
848054  0.150   debci
853056  0.145   txfixtures
854495  0.143   node-merge-stream
843052  0.140   libterm-filter-perl
852642  0.125   scoop
834959  0.120   golang-goleveldb
850414  0.110   ruby-ftw
832865  0.100   telepathy-python

[ The remaining packages that FTBFS randomly for me do so less than
  10% of the time, but in either case all the figures are approximate ]


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