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Re: Help requested: Packages which FTBFS randomly

Santiago Vila writes ("Re: Help requested: Packages which FTBFS randomly"):
> Maybe this one for a start?:
>  Should building Debian source packages on a single-CPU machine be
>  supported at the same level as building on a multi-core machine, to
>  the point that a FTBFS bug on a single-CPU machine should be serious
>  regardless of what happens on buildd.debian.org? (The RM can still
>  stretch-ignore if they wish).
> Do we really need a ruling from the TC regarding this?

My advice would be to avoid asking the TC such general questions.
The TC is wholly incapable of answering them coherently.  It lacks the
will to solve general problems.

There are two sensble questions:

 * Should the following bugs be RC ?

    [ list of 20 bugs or whatever ]

   [As far as I am aware] all of these bugs have the following
     [ whatever commonality you think is important ]

   I have asked the release team but they
   have declined to decide until after stretch is relased.


 * I proposed the following patch to policy.  Despite it being
   seconded, the policy editors have not responded to my request
   to amend policy. [or whatever]

     + A FTBFS bug is still RC even if:
     + it doesn't happens on buildd.debian.net;
     + it only happens randomly;
     + it only happens on machines with one (virtual) cpu core.


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