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Re: Newcomer to Debian: Help wanted

One of the best ways to start IMHO, is to get one of these packages[1] (don't get the old ones, as they're probably harder to work on) and prepare a QA upload fixing easy things, like:
DH bump
Standards Version bump
Fix/bump d/watch
Convert d/copyright to DEP-5
Change maintainer to QA Group
Fix typos
wrap-and-sort a
Package new release
ACK bugs with patch attached (eg.: the reproducible-builds team is always opening bugs with patch attached, and BTW they're awesome)

The QA upload can be sponsored by any DD, and you can ask sponsorhip ont mentors.


Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

2017-01-08 10:54 GMT-02:00 Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk>:
Quoting Vijeth T Aradhya (2017-01-08 13:23:41)
> Firstly, thank you so much for such a quick response! It's really nice
> when the community responds to you so quickly, hopefully I can be a
> part of it in the coming near future :)
>> Mentioned briefly in first URL above, but I'd like to emphasize one
>> suggestion: Cosnider join (or at list get in touch with) the teams
>> relevant for your particular interests.  Here's an incomplete list:
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams
> I looked at the teams, and I have sent a mail to pkg-GPG about joining
> and development there. This was mainly because I became interested in
> PGP/PKI Clean Room Project proposed by Daniel Pocock on his blog. (
> https://danielpocock.com/outreachy-gsoc-2017-pki-clean-room).
> Hopefully, they will get back to me!
> I'll look at other teams as well!


You mentioned Haskell specifically, and I know that team will appreciate
more participants.  Probably same for most if not all teams - just
wanted to encourage your exploring more options, now that you asked.

> Any other path you suggest which will help me get acquainted with the
> org so that it will help with Gsoc?

There are so many suggestions, but also so much already documented at
many places.  I think pabs referenced plenty of god starting points.

Seem you might also appreciate reading how we prefer to use
mailinglists: https://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

Welcome to the World of Debian :-)

 - Jonas

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