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Re: Newcomer to Debian: Help wanted

On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 5:05 PM, Vijeth T Aradhya wrote:

> Hey guys I'd like to start contributing to Debian and be a part of the
> community. I just need some help getting started!

Great! Here are some ideas for things to work on:


> When I looked at the bug tracker system, it was very difficult for a
> newcomer to Debian like me, to get started to solve easy bugs.

Check out the list of bugs tagged newcomer:


> I have already looked at many links for getting started. It'd be great if
> you guys can lead me directly to fixing bugs in languages like C, Python or
> Haskell. I'm really sorry, but I did not get enough information on where and
> how to get started. Can you guys help me out? Thanks!

A great way to find packages to work on is the how-can-i-help tool:


Also, you can use the debtags site to find packages tagged as being
implemented in C/Python/Haskell. Then click through to the bugs pages.




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