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Re: Newcomer to Debian: Help wanted

Quoting Vijeth T Aradhya (2017-01-08 13:23:41)
> Firstly, thank you so much for such a quick response! It's really nice 
> when the community responds to you so quickly, hopefully I can be a 
> part of it in the coming near future :)
>> Mentioned briefly in first URL above, but I'd like to emphasize one 
>> suggestion: Cosnider join (or at list get in touch with) the teams 
>> relevant for your particular interests.  Here's an incomplete list: 
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams
> I looked at the teams, and I have sent a mail to pkg-GPG about joining 
> and development there. This was mainly because I became interested in 
> PGP/PKI Clean Room Project proposed by Daniel Pocock on his blog. ( 
> https://danielpocock.com/outreachy-gsoc-2017-pki-clean-room). 
> Hopefully, they will get back to me!
> I'll look at other teams as well!


You mentioned Haskell specifically, and I know that team will appreciate 
more participants.  Probably same for most if not all teams - just 
wanted to encourage your exploring more options, now that you asked.

> Any other path you suggest which will help me get acquainted with the 
> org so that it will help with Gsoc?

There are so many suggestions, but also so much already documented at 
many places.  I think pabs referenced plenty of god starting points.

Seem you might also appreciate reading how we prefer to use 
mailinglists: https://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

Welcome to the World of Debian :-)

 - Jonas

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