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Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems

Nikolaus Rath <Nikolaus@rath.org> writes:

>> I have had to sort out the mess when the Debian package upload
>> did not match my git tree because another maintainer didn't correctly
>> merge in my changes.
> I don't understand... how does a Debian package upload affect any of the
> work on your git-dpm tree?

I can't remember the exact details now. However I suspect that some
people get so frustrated with git dpm problems and end up using "git
push -f" to fix them up. I think a maintainer may have missed the fact
that I had made changes, and did a "git push -f" without noticing he was
creating a new fork without my changes. Which caused no end of confusion
- I can see my changes in my git tree, but they didn't appear in Debian

I think the problems git-dpm can create can result in bad habbits - with
people rushing to fix problems without understanding what the underlying
cause was, that can lead to this sort of thing.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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