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Re: Converting to dgit

Nikolaus Rath writes ("Re: Converting to dgit"):
> I still haven't really made up my mind if I want to use git-maint-merge
> or git-dpm. Russ recently raised a valid point with the Debian
> modifications over-time becoming all tangled up and impossible to
> separate. I thought I could solve this with git-debcherry, but that
> seems to be more of a technology demo than an actual solution (it's
> getting noticebly slow even on a small test tree and is implemented in
> 330 lines of bash...).

Mmmm.  I do agree actually with Russ about this more than I do with
Sean.  I agree that for many packages keeping a rebasing patch stack
is very desirable.  Where I disagree with Russ is how we should store
and exchange that patch stack.  I think we should do that by suitable
git trickery rather than by exporting and reimporting as patches.

> Incidentally, where would you like to see dgit discussions? On the bug
> tracker, or on debian-devel? I'm surprised that there is no dgit mailing
> list.

We have been occasionally using
vcs-pkg-discuss@lists.alioth.debian.org for development type
discussions.  There isn't really a user-focused list.  I'm happy to
have the conversation here if others don't mind.


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