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Re: Migration despite an RC bug?

Russ Allbery:
> [...]
>> I wouldn't have expected that either, but it appeared to be 4-5 times
>> slower than the equivalent code with fork a decompressor, which is why I
>> swapped it out. [I didn't bother to benchmark them, because the
>> differences between them was so stark.]
> I've done extensive benchmarking of this in Perl for a different project
> and yes, fork and exec of an external compresser is *way* faster than
> using a library.  I suspect the Perl compress libraries are making
> extraneous data copies or doing something else suboptimal.

An exception in my experience: In process is cheaper when the
(de)compressor is available in the PerlIO Layer as native C code.
Notable example being libperlio-gzip-perl where you use "open(my $fd,
'<:gzip', $file)".
  At least that was the case when I benchmarked on Lintian in 2.5.10 (2
releases ago).


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