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Re: Migration despite an RC bug?

On Tue, 03 Jan 2017, Ian Jackson wrote:
> The result is that you ignore nonzero exit status from your
> decompression program. My theory for the incident we are discussing is
> that your decompressor got a SIGTERM, and your script got EOF on the
> pipe.

Yeah, this is likely it. Thanks for catching that; I'll fix this
codepath shortly.

> Also, have you checked whether your DB library properly throws errors
> on writes to a tied hash ?

I don't know whether it does or not; I went looking to see whether you
could trap errors on untie(), and untie doesn't return anything useful
that you can check.

> Also, I'm not sure why it would be "incredibly slow". In a
> singlethreaded cpubound task (the worst case) I wouldn't expect worse
> than a 50% slowdown.

I wouldn't have expected that either, but it appeared to be 4-5 times
slower than the equivalent code with fork a decompressor, which is why I
swapped it out. [I didn't bother to benchmark them, because the
differences between them was so stark.]

> Finally, examples/debian/versions/update-mldbm starts with
>   #! /bin/sh -e
> I would normally use `set -e' instead, because foolish people
> sometimes run scripts by saying `bash /path/to/script' or `sh
> /path/to/script'.  (This doesn't seem to be a problem in debbugs.)

Yeah, the -e was inherited, but it has both as you note.

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