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Re: sybase license and openWatcom DFSGness


>Maybe I don't quite understand what VirtualBox upstream meant by this
>sentence, but if the SeaBIOS license does not allow modification,
>then it would not be DFSG-free, so the fact that VirtualBox is in
>contrib would actually be an error, because it should rather be in
>non-free. And that would be irrespective of the compiler used.
>Am I missing something here?

SeaBIOS license is not used by VirtualBox, and I think a good reason for
excluding it is:
"SeaBIOS may be distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3 license. Both source code and binaries are available."

Virtualbox is under GPL-2 with a lot of exception, allowing it to be used with MPL, Apache 2.0, OpenSSL.

So, LGPL-3 will be too restrictive I think for them.


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