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Re: Re: sybase license and openWatcom DFSGness

Hi Guus

>I don't see that anything has changed in the past ten years, so I don't
>think a clarification will do any good. Why does VirtualBox keep relying
>on the OpenWatcom provider? There's bcc and faucc. QEMU's SeaBIOS is
>compiled with GCC (but looking at the source, all the 16-bit code is in
>asm statements). If Sybase doesn't provide a new license, I think it's
>better to spend some effort in porting the BIOS to something that
>doesn't require OpenWatcom.

forwarding the answer from upstream

"We moved from bcc to OpenWatcom because bcc is just not good enough - it only handles one limited memory model.
(Can't remember the C terms, but basically everything in one 8086 segment.)
Re faucc
We are not allowed to touch SeaBIOS for licence reasons.  Not our decision.
And the problem with porting the BIOS, well simply that it requires time we do not have for that purpose."

I don't know asm well enough to remember and understand completely such above statement :)


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