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Re: Installer of Debian Stable allows to use btrfs for /, does it mean it's mature enough to use safely?

* german398@ya.ru <german398@ya.ru> [160710 23:08]:
> Now I want to know if Debian Stable can in some extreme cases, like in
> this case with btrfs, replace not_very_good kernel module that is
> shipped with its current kernel with a kernel module from other (older
> or newer) version of Linux kernel and if yes, is it the case with
> btrfs?

I think you have a basic misunderstanding of what Debian means by
"Stable Release".  Debian's stable release is not a collection of stable
software; rather, it is a stable collection of software, some of which
might, individually, not be so stable.

This was pointed out to you at least once earlier in this thread, but
you continue to ask questions as if you either did not read or did not
understand that explanation.

The purpose of the stable release is to allow system administrators to
set up a system and know that as long as Debian supports that release,
only security updates and _major_ bug fixes will be made to the release.
Changes in functionality and new features will not be made.

This allows the stable release to be used in mission critical situations
where a stable system is required by (and this is the important part)
configuring the system with known stable software.


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