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Re: How to select an interpretor version?

Victor Porton writes ("Re: How to select an interpretor version?"):
> I am going to write a program which automatically converts between XML 
> formats using scripts described by RDF resources located at namespace URLs 
> (not a precise description of my project, but you've got the taste).
> The formal specification of my project:
> https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Automatic_transformation_of_XML_namespaces

Thanks for the info!  That all sounds very exciting.
Although, I confess I don't quite understand everything there.

> I am going to run scripts in Firejail (or another sandbox), in other that a 
> hacker not to be able to harm the server at which my program would run.

That sounds like it might be a good idea.  Where do these scripts come
from ?  Is it these scripts for which you are tryiung to automatically
identify a suitable interpreter ?


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