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Re: How to select an interpretor version?

Victor Porton writes ("Re: How to select an interpretor version?"):
> Geert Stappers, you have misunderstood my problem.
> I want to support ALL interpreters available in Debian (Perl, Python, Ruby, 
> Java, etc.)
> I need to make supporting all interpreters and all their versions 
> manageable. My question is how to support it all, specifically when a user 
> explicitly specifies a version range.
> Input:
> - name of programming language
> - the range of versions of the programming language
> - the location of a script in this language
> Output:
> - the command line to run the script

Like Geert, I don't understand why you want this.  Obviously I have
some wrong model of your situation.   (Which is quite likely, because
you haven't really explained it.)

Can you tell us the underlying real problem that you hope your utility
is going to solve ?  By `tell us the underlying real problem', I mean
to ask for what in engineering is called a Solution Neutral Problem


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