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Re: opinions of snappy packages

Hi Raphaël,

On Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 09:12:31PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Jun 2016, Bruce Byfield wrote:
> > I am writing an article about the pros and cons of Ubuntu's snappy 
> > packages, which have recently been ported to a number of major 
> > distributions.

> > If anyone has any experience with them, I would appreciate hearing their 
> > opinions, especially about how they compare to debs.

> Unfortunately, while they might have done some work to make it available
> on other distributions, they have not taken the time to upload the package
> to Debian.

> This is an annoying habit for many of their projects and it might be a
> part of the reason why many of their interesting projects do not really
> take off.

snapd is available in Debian unstable for roughly the past two weeks.  The
first priority has been to make the runtime available for Debian - though
obviously the Debian community is going to be interested in creating
packages, not just consuming them, so snapcraft is next on the list.

I would certainly welcome comaintainers of both of these packages.

> $ apt search snapcraft
> Sorting... Done
> Full Text Search... Done
> $ apt show lxd
> N: Unable to locate package lxd
> E: No packages found

> Same for Unity and many other things that I would have tried when they
> marketed them.

Just as providing their software as in-distro packages will never be a
perfect solution for app upstreams ;), doing all work in Debian will never
be a complete substitute for having a derivative.  For mature and
slow-moving components, it makes sense for Ubuntu to do their work first in
Debian.  For new projects being iterated at high speed, or with particularly
steep integration requirements (cf. Unity), providing the package in Debian
has a cost (in either slowed development, or extra work to do packaging in
two places).  It should not be surprising that Canonical is not interested
in shouldering these costs themselves.

However, each of the projects mentioned here are Free Software, so if anyone
in Debian is interested in making them available to Debian users, they can!

I'm happy to help with introductions between interested DDs and the upstream
developers of any of these projects.

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