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Re: Next steps for gitlab.debian (Re: GitLab B.V. to host free-software GitLab for Debian project)

On Saturday 11 June 2016 11:18 AM, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> I agree this is a legitimate concern. I have asked Gitlab Inc for their
> policy on merge requests to Gitlab CE for features already in Gitlab EE.
> Based on their reply, we can decide how to proceed. If their reply is
> positive, I will ask them to make it public, and we can go ahead with a
> debian.net instance of Gitlab. If their reply is negative, we can drop
> gitlab and consider Pagure (second best option).

They have responded and directed me to their already documented policy.


"When someone contributes a feature to CE that is already in EE we have
a hard decision to make. We hope that people focus on contributing
features that are neither in CE nor EE. This way both edits benefit from
a new feature and GitLab Inc. don't have to make a hard decision. The
features we plan to build for EE are shared on our direction page and we
welcome people to contribute features to CE that are planned for future
EE releases, if you pick one from the upcoming release please ask in the
issue if someone is already working on it. When someone does contribute
a feature to CE that is already in EE we weigh a couple of factors in
that decision:

    What is the quality of the code?
    Is it complete and does it meet the criteria of the definition of done?
    What is the use case for this, is it needed for organizations with
less than 100 people?
    Is it an original work or clearly based on the EE code?

In case we're not sure, we'll consult with the core team to reach a

So basically it boils down to features that they consider important for
organizations with less than 100 developers may get accepted. I see that
as a red flag for a big community like debian.

Also the final decision would be up to core team ->
https://about.gitlab.com/core-team/  (btw I was invited to join the core
team, but I am yet to send a merge request).

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