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Re: Genesis of the git.d.o/gitlab.d.o confusion (Was: Next steps for gitlab.debian)

On Wed, Jun 08, 2016 at 03:19:09PM +0000, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> >> But that doesn't mean we as a project have to run and keep maintaining
> >> all the things that were once shiney.
> > 
> > +1
> That speaks more to the need of actually dropping the not-shiny-anymore 
> services rather than block adding a new service.

We aren't saying 'no'; we're saying 'please have a transition plan'.

Dropping a not-shiny-anymore service without a transition plan to move users of
the service off is not great.  That said, maybe that's what we do.  Announce a
date and move on.

Luca Filipozzi

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