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Genesis of the git.d.o/gitlab.d.o confusion (Was: Next steps for gitlab.debian)


Am Mittwoch, den 08.06.2016, 10:21 +0100 schrieb Jonathan Dowland:
> On Tue, Jun 07, 2016 at 10:25:07AM +0530, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> > Thanks for the offer. It would be great if I have more hands to help with
> > migrating git.debian.org
> Whoah there. Running an official Debian gitlab instance is one thing, migrating
> git.debian.org is quite another. Did I miss where there was consensus on this?

it was a misunderstanding that went this way:

 * Someone wanted gitlab.debian.org.
 * Someone pointed out that d.o services should be named by task, not
 * Someone figured that the task provided by gitlab is git hosting,
   hence understood the above as a suggestion to use git.debian.org.
 * Someone concluded that therefore, we need to consider a migration
   from git.debian.org to gitlab.
 * And then, because git.debian.org is run by alioth, someone started
   talking about alioth.

The problem was between step 2 and 3.

Two suggestsions:

 * Consider gitlab.debian.org. Gitlab is not “just some implementation”
   that can be swapped for another, so it is ok to name the service
   according to that. Just like we have jenkings.debian.org.
 * If that is not acceptable, consider something like
   as gitlab is about (git-centric) hosting of projects.


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