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Generating upstream version from git history with uscan

Hi folks,

(Keep me in CC list please)

I'm working on some packages whose upstream (github)
doesn't make releases. So I need to invent upstream
versions, that's OK. However when one is going to
maintain a number of packages that watch is not present,
upstream update tracking by hand would be a nightmare.

In a word, this is what I want:

Suppose that the latest upstream update is `aabbccdd`,
and the corresponding commit date is `20160607`, i.e.
$ git log -1
commit aabbccddXXX
Author: XXX
Date:   Tue Jun 7 09:24:33 2016 +0000
And I hope some uscan hacks can automatically generate
such a version string `0~20160607-gaabbccd`.

I read all the uscan examples, and it seems that uscan
works basing on http and ftp only. That is to say uscan
will not scan Git repos so the above demand won't be

Did I miss some uscan feature?
If not, do you folks think this feature proposal should
be filed against uscan?

BTW, the VCS scan provided in DDPO is something similar
to what I want, but I didn't found the scanning script
in the qa repo ...

Thanks in advance.


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