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Re: Dropping upstart jobs (or not)

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Dropping upstart jobs (or not)"):
> I'd happily maintain upstart configuration in my packages forever if
> people were actually maintaining it or developing it, but since that's not
> happening, it's very hard to see how maintaining configuration for a dead
> init system in Debian is helping diversity.  [...]

If a Debian derivative wanted to keep using upstart, I would like us
to support them in that.  But I'm not aware of any such a derivative.

And if they did exist, they'd probably have to take over upstream
maintanence for upstart itself, and of course its packaging
maintenance.  At that point they could probably find someone to
sponsor their package into Debian itself (even if it was going to be
only in sid for some reason).

But certainly I agree that we should be slow to remove the upstart
files from packages.  It's not doing any harm, and it will help
backporters etc.  I think Tollef's proposal is reasonable.


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