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Re: support for merged /usr in Debian

Marco d'Itri <md <at> Linux.IT> writes:

> grml-rescueboot is way more useful for rescue purposes.

It is… except, I didn’t take it into account when creating the 256 MiB /boot
for a laptop, and the regular kernel and initrd are huge already these days,
and then you have two of them, plus a temporary initrd while it is being
updated, and boom, no space left for Grml ☹

And everything else is under crypt + LVM + whatnot, so extending that is
very hard.

I generally partition /+swap-only (plus special needs filesystems, such
as /boot, or /var/anoncvs for a system which also runs a mirror, to keep
it separate), but I’d much prefer to not have to do change for the sake
of change, so I request this change be optional.


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