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Re: Bug#811275: ITP: uclibc-ng -- uClibc-ng is an implementation of the standard C library that is much smaller than glibc, which makes it useful for embedded systems.

On Mon, 18 Jan 2016, Waldemar Brodkorb wrote:

> It is a try to build a Debian system with an alternative C library

That would require a new dpkg architecture and other changes,
e.g. you could build for linuxuclibc-i386 instead of linux-i386.

The avr32 people tried to make a µClibc-based Debian port and
eventually failed, because the whole OS is much too dependent
on glibc and GNUisms, and because of the quality…

The other libc ports (Debian/{free,net}bsd (as opposed to
Debian/kFreeBSD), the Interix port, the Minix port, etc.)
also mostly failed – sure, there are or were demonstrations,
but the limitations prevented them from ever taking off.

> > Full disclosure: I do have commits in µClibc-ng.
> So you can further help to get stuff going ;)

I’ve already told you I’d prefer to see it die, and the only
thing preventing that is nommu support in more sane libcs.

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