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Automatic dbgsym packages built by default as of today!


As of today, dak supports the dbgsym packages built by debhelper and
with debhelper/9.20151219 they are now built by default!  With this, a
decade old idea is now implemented and available for general
consumption[1]. :)

 * A huge thanks to Ansgar Burchardt for finishing up the remaining
   loose ends in dak today. :)

 * The debug symbols are available from debug.mirrors.debian.org
   - See also [APT-LINE] for installing them via APT

 * Currently only experimental and unstable will have dbgsym packages.
   - We need changes to Britney to add them to testing.

Quick reminders

 * The dbgsym packages are generated by debhelper and will now appear
   in (almost) all debhelper based packages.

 * You can disable dbgsym generation:
   - in your package by passing "--no-debs" to dh_strip
   - in your build by setting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noddebs
   - in your derivative by patching dh_strip.

 * You /can/ migrate your manual "-dbg" package to a "-dbgsym"
   - if/when it has no reverse (build-)depends.
   - it just requires you to replace "--dbg-package=pkg-dbg" with
     "--ddeb-migration='pkg-dbg (<< ${VERSION}~)'
   - in a release from now, you can drop --ddeb-migration (and probably
     also the "override_dh_strip" if you use the dh-sequencer)

 * You are *not* required to migrate your manual "-dbg" packages.
   - notably, you should *not* migrate them if they still have reverse

 * lintian/ will complain about an unknown "auto-built-package"
   header in dbgsyms.  Known issue fixed in the next release of lintian.



I said decade, though the idea is probably older than this video... :)

[2] The apt-sources line (for unstable) should be something like:

deb http://debug.mirrors.debian.org/debian-debug/ unstable-debug main

Note the use of "unstable-debug" instead of "unstable".

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