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Known issues with automatic dbgsym packages (Was: Automatic dbgsym packages built by default as of today!)

Niels Thykier:
> Hi,
> As of today, dak supports the dbgsym packages built by debhelper and
> with debhelper/9.20151219 they are now built by default!  With this, a
> decade old idea is now implemented and available for general
> consumption[1]. :)
> [...]


We have a couple of "known issues" now that this change have been live
for a few hours:

 * reprepro rejects upload with automatic debug symbols as it does not
   support them yet[1].  (#730572)
   - Workaround #1: Build with --no-ddebs / DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noddebs
   - Workaround #2: Pass --ignore=surprisingbinary to reprepro if you
     can trust all uploaders (and their tools) to behave.

 * dh_strip(1) incorrectly states that debug symbol package generation
   is disabled by default.
   - Fixed in debhelper master branch.

 * The "experimental-debug" suite does *not* have "Not-Automatic: yes"
   like the "experimental" suite have.

Please let me know if you encounter other issues.


[1] From dpkg's jenkins build log
reprepro -b /srv/repository -v --waitforlock 1000
--ignore=wrongdistribution --ignore=uploaders include dpkg
has packagename 'dselect-dbgsym' not listed in the .changes file!
To ignore use --ignore=surprisingbinary.


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