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Re: [CTTE #741573] Debian Menu System

Le samedi 05 septembre 2015 à 10:49 +0900, Osamu Aoki a écrit : 
> This reminds me some DE dependent .desktop file.  Is there any best
> practice how to do it for Debian?  KDE app not showing up on GNOME and
> vice versa.  How to decide how much .desktop data are NotShowIn for what
> environment?

The new policy states these values should be synchronized on the
debian-desktop mailing list. So if in doubt, you should just ask.

> Another question: Is there any list of DE names supporting .desktop
> file?  Whitelisting with "OnlyShowIn" entry requires such list.
> Maybe we shoyld recommend explicit black list using "NotShowIn" entry
> over whitelisting with "OnlyShowIn" entry.

The use case is different.
OnlyShowIn is for tools designed for a specific environment (e.g. a
configuration tool).
NotShowIn is for tools where the maintainers of given environments have
requested not to display such entries. If the tool is not generally
useful to most users having it installed, NoDisplay=true should be used.

OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn are mostly useful for packages that are part of
the default installation, or usually installed as dependencies.

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