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Re: Q: why binary-log by systemd-journald is not enabled by default?

On Sat, 09 May 2015, Josh Triplett wrote:
> The on-disk persistent journal (/var/log/journal) is disabled because at
> the moment, Debian systems use syslog by default (via rsyslog), and
> enabling the persistent journal would result in two copies of log
> messages.
> Since the journal is capable of capturing messages sent to syslog, I'm
> hoping that at some point the systemd source package will build a binary
> package that installs /var/log/journal and Provides the
> system-log-daemon and linux-kernel-log-daemon virtual packages.  (As
> well as a non-default one that provides the same virtual packages but
> doesn't provide the persistent journal directory, for systems that want
> transient in-memory logging only.)

And I wish it would keep /var/log/dmesg (and its rotation).  That thing is
really useful for user support when dealing with kernel and boot issues.

I consider the lack of /var/log/dmesg updates in jessie under systemd to be
a relevant regression, as journal persistence is not enabled by default.

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