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Re: Bug#775436: ITP: xlennart -- An XBill fork but with Lennart and SystenD instead of Bill and Wingdows

>>>>> Axel Wagner <mero@merovius.de> writes:


 > I don't think Lennart personally would care, no, but I think *we*
 > should care to paint the Opensource community as better than this.

	As a member of the said community, I think that, however the
	presence of either of the packages in Debian paints it, –
	I could live with that.

	Regarding the possible enhancement of XBill to allow for using a
	user-specified set of sprites (whether packaged or not), –
	it certainly feels like a proper solution to me.  I guess the
	package could then be enhanced to include several such “themes,”
	including the “classic” one, the newly proposed one, and perhaps
	a few more, depending on the availability and relevance.

 > From that point of view, if there was a vote and I'd get a vote I
 > would also vote against having xbill in the archive as being a poor
 > taste ad-hominem attack (I mean, for crying out loud, there is an
 > actually blood-spatter squashing animation in the game, even if it is
 > a poor one).  In my opinion it is certainly not an argument to also
 > let xlennart in.

	While not a full-scale ad-hominem attack, I’d say that the two
	differences I know of between the vrms operation and the
	official FSF position amount to a misrepresentation at best.
	Are we going to drop that package, too?


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