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Re: Bug#775436: ITP: xlennart -- An XBill fork but with Lennart and SystenD instead of Bill and Wingdows

> * URL             : https://github.com/xaionaro/xlennart

The URL should be the main branch of xlennart; that is

>> if there are other packages providing similar functionality, how does it
>> compare?
> This's a fork of XBill. Everything the same, just with Lennart and SystenD
> instead of Bill and Wingdows.

That sounds like a lot of code duplication. Is it possible to have a
common library between XBill and XLennart?

(Also, in any case, don't you think that this game is going a little too
far? It's fine to be opposed to systemd, but don't do to Lennart
Poettering what the gamergate people did to Anita Sarkeesian.)

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